HENBOR Italian Made Scissors Since 1965

Premana is a little mountain town inthe high Valsassina, where factorieshave being developed for manycenturies. Earlier town of miners, thenof smiths and many little metallurgicalworkshops. During the 20thcentury ithas seen the birth of more and morecompanies specialized in producingcutting tools. In 1965 Henbor was born,drawing on this tradition.

KINELICS professional nail systems

As skilled beauty professionals, we believe quality, innovation and design to be the most important factors for the success of our company. The Kinetics team will continue to make memorable, emotionally charged nail and beauty products, and we seek likeminded colleagues with whom we can build strong partnerships to spread our vision around the globe.


Starting from the most advanced research, the Kléral System laboratories have created the perfect union between science and nature, an exceptional balance obtained by the different specific lines of product for the treatment and the prevention of scalp and hair anomalies.


OSMO ® is a leading, uniquely individual UK collection of professional hair care and styling products designed to give stylists the power to create with its diverse and extensive product range.


A Spanish company dedicated to developing, manufacturing and marketing professional hairdressing products which offer a perfect balance between quality, image and price, thereby achieving a competitive advantage for the professional.